Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy St.Valentines Day!!

LOVE you
      LOVE forever
              LOVE at first sight
                                        always LOVE
                                            true LOVE
                                         sweet LOVE

Monday, February 13, 2012

Let´s add some more...


Once upon a time there was a happy girl in NYC

I´ve been in NYC so many times that I´ve completely lost count. I never get tired of the City, ever! If you love it, you always will. I´ve lived amazing stories in Manhattan and good memories always make me keep coming back.
Thanks to my boyfriend who gave me the surprise of taking me there for the weekend to celebrate a early St.Valentine´s Day. I feel so lucky.

He estado tantas veces en Nueva York que ya he perdido la cuenta completamente. Nunca me canso de esta ciudad, jamás! Si te encanta, siempre lo hará. He vivido historias increíbles en Manhattan y los buenos recuerdos siempre me hacen volver.
Gracias mi novio por darme la sorpresa y llevarme allí para celebrar San Valentín por adelantado. Me siento muy afortunada.